There are a lot of companies selling hemp extracts and products these days. It has become difficult as a consumer to sort through and figure out which products are authentic and responsibly crafted.

Forest Remedies has been passionate about wellness and on the cutting edge of botanical extraction techniques for over 20 years.  We produce the highest quality products derived only from US grown, stringently-tested ingredients. We are involved in every part of the process, from working with the farmers during the growth cycle to processing, testing, packaging and distributing our products.

We are pioneers in pesticide-free, organic and regenerative farming. We use non-GMO ethanol in our proprietary extraction process, which has been refined to retain maximum cannabinoid compounds resulting in broad and full-spectrum extracts with profiles that reflect the natural composition of the hemp plant.

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Forest Remedies LLC
408 S. McLin Creek Rd
Conover, NC 28613
(980) 858-4994